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The occupiers have left, but the fight for life continues. (28.03.2024)

In the first months of the war, when the Russian troops were pushed back from the border areas, our team of volunteers went to the Chernihiv region to help the victims. Then upon arrival we were met with devastation, everything around was, if not broken, then damaged by blast waves. It was then that we met Oksana Degtyarova, who was looking for help from volunteers with all her might, including us, the NGO "GloBee International".

And so, almost 2 years later, we found ourselves here in the Chernihiv region again. As then, these people are on the verge of survival, and explosions with shelling also do not allow them to live peacefully, and Oksana continues her activities, supporting the people of her community.

With joint efforts and with the support of the International Maritime Association, we managed to organize a large humanitarian hub and distribute not only food kits, but also blankets, mattresses, sleeping bags and warm clothes.

Thank you to our friends and partners charity organizations Spase-Eye and LandsAid for their help and participation in our activities! Together to victory!