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Travel to Odessa Maritime Museum (22.04.2020)

Today, April 22, 2020, the International Maritime Association, together with a deputy of the Odessa Regional Council Alexei Kobylnikov, inspects the Odessa Museum of the Navy to assess what has been done over 15 years of restoration and reconstruction. We will not comment on this “reconstruction story”. Arrangement of maritime traditions of Odessa. This is how the “restoration and reconstruction of the museum” is progressing and what has been done in 15 years! No comments. See for yourself.

The museum was founded in 1920 by the sailor and artist V. Chentsov. The Maritime Museum is located on 3 Feldman Boulevard (now Primorsky Boulevard) in the Marini House (an architectural monument of national importance, guarded number 1458/3, architect Giovanni Frapolli). In 1941-1944, during the Romanian-German occupation of Odessa, the museum was looted. Museum of the USSR Navy in the building of the former English Club (6 Lanzheronovskaya St.). The building was built in 1842 by the architect Gregorio Torricelli. Between 1965 and 2005, 11 million visitors got acquainted with the museum’s exposition.

70 thousand exhibits that remained after the fire in 2005 were in the building of Odessa Sea Station. Part of the collection (about 5%) has been exhibited since 2007. In 2014, only 16 thousand visitors got acquainted with the exposition, in 2015, less than 5 thousand. The Museum is high-rise and since February 16, 2016, the museum has been working at the Museum of Odesa Sea Port named after F.P. de Volana.

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