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Visiting the exhibition "Cossack Glory of Odessa" (15.01.2020)

Today, January 15, the International Maritime Association visited the exhibition "Cossack Glory of Odessa", which was prepared by Alexander Alekseevich Surilov. Odessa writer-historian told us many interesting facts about Odessa and the historical moments of the construction of the city. Many interesting stories were recalled from the marine life of the writer.

The ship's doctor Alexander Surilov, being a member of the crew of the scientific vessel "Yuri Gagarin", participated in the historic flight of the Soyuz-Apollon program. Alexander Alekseevich kindly presented to the International Maritime Association the book of his father “Admiral De Rubas” and his book “The Cossacks True Story Old Vienna”.

Thanks a lot for the invitation and we wish the Odessa writer further success.