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Ukraine failed to submit a report on compliance with the STCW Convention on time (08.02.2020)

Given that Ukraine has not submitted a report on the implementation of all the requirements of the STCW Convention, Ukraine at the next meeting of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (May 13-22, 2020) may be removed from the IMO's White List and automatically get to the IMO Black List.

Such an IMO decision will automatically lead to the non-recognition of qualification documents of Ukrainian sailors by all foreign states. That is, Ukraine has every chance to repeat the Georgian version. A special piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that the discussion of this letter of the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK took place in the Ministry of Infrastructure on 02/03/2020 in a CLOSED mode and no official information was published by the Ministry. As a result, COLLAPS is approaching

Grigorov’s fears are shared by Ilya Tikhonov: “The situation is getting worse because the deadline for submitting information is 01/21/2020. It is urgent to decide what to do. It is necessary at all levels to strain the leadership of the MIU to solve the problem. Or the point of no return will be passed. A very big request to the Minister to respond adequately. Or it will be too late. "