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COVID-19 news: UPDATED information (05.04.2020)

According to the State Border Service of Ukraine, all Ukrainian citizens can cross the border..

Countries where crew changes are PERMITTED:

  • Canada;
  • Yemen;
  • Malaysia (only for citizens of Malaysia after a medical examination and if the seafarers did not show any symptoms in the last 14 days);
  • Australia (after two-week quarantine, but not every port allows);
  • Pakistan (only for Pakistan Nationals as long as the vessel does not come from a COVID-19 high risk country);
  • Finland
  • Singapore (if the seafarers are healthy and have had no contact with patients with suspected or confirmed coronavirus for the past 14 days);
  • Turkey (if 15 days period from Corona-risk zone contact passed. All crew change has been stopped at Yalova and Tuzla shipyard regions);
  • Netherlands (since March 19, all crew changes are allowed only on commercial fleet within 30 days);
  • United Kingdom;
  • USA (but with some restrictions);
  • Hong Kong (only for Hong Kong residents);
  • India (Indian citizens only);
  • Philippines (only for Philippine citizens after 14-day quarantine);
  • Ukraine (only for Ukraine citizens)
  • Most EU Countries allow crew changes, but only for EU citizens, except in emergency cases.

Some crew changes were suspended due to the closure of ports, cancellation of flights and other transport, as well as stopped by ship managers in order to avoid infection of crews. Information was received from the following companies: Alpha Navigation, Marlow Navigation, Goldenport Odessa & Oceangold Odessa, BSM, CMA Ships Ukraine, Epsilon, Uniteam Marine, Danaos Shipping, Seaspan, MSC, Maersk, V.Ships.