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Mourning declared in Odessa (04.12.2019)

On Wednesday, December 4, at about 10:00 in Odessa, in a six-story building on the corner of Pushkinskaya and Troitskaya streets, known as Asvadurov’s apartment building, a large fire broke out in which a woman died and dozens more were injured.

The building housed the premises of the Institute of Marine Biology, the Odessa branch of the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the College of Economics, Law and the Hotel and Restaurant Business, as well as other institutions. The fire covered 4 of the 6 floors of the Odessa College of Economics, Law and Hotel and Restaurant Business at 25 Troitskaya Street.

At the time of the fire, classes were taking place in the college, students were in the building - only about 400 people. More than 20 people were taken to hospitals; one is known to have died. The police launched a pre-trial investigation.

I can’t get in touch with seven people who were on campus at the time of the fire: three university accounting staff, as well as students Lyudmila Chugunnikova, Kirill Trofimchuk, Ekaterina Pianochkina and Julia Markina.