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Awarding the Gold Medal of the Association Mehmet B.A. Canga (04.03.2020)

On March 4, 2020, IMA President Igor Agafonikov presented the gold medal of the ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION Mehmet B.A. Canga, president of TURMAR MARINE (Istanbul, Turkey). International Maritime Association sincerely congratulates Mehmet B.A. Canga.

It is a great honor for the International Maritime Association to award the President of Turmar Marine with the Merit Gold Medal for developing relations between Turkey and Ukraine and the maritime community. Our Association highly appreciates the contribution of the Turkish company and its president Mehmet B.A. Cana. We are pleased to see the results of our joint efforts.

Turmar Marine helps Ukrainian ships organize the repair of sea cargo ships in Turkish shipyards and supply types of equipment and spare parts. In addition, the Black Sea Shipping Company began to cooperate with Hyundai, as a result of which six ships were built and one hundred ships repaired. What helped the development of the marine industry of Ukraine.